LEADER Project is being held from 7th to 18th of May, 2018 in Sarajevo (12:00-16:00).
Hosted by Restart and facilitated by Ivey Business School, LEADER hopes to empower promising entrepreneurs in Bosnia and Herzegovina to learn business fundamentals, build business plans, and bring their business ideas to life.

Through the program, participants of the LEADER Project can learn business fundamentals through the following modules: Business Plan Development, Opportunity Recognition, Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy and Tactics, Entrepreneurial Finance (Financial Statements, Cash Flow, Valuation), Operations, Managing People, Communications and Action Planning.

LEADER has helped transfer business leadership and analytical skills hundreds of participants globally, many of whom have since propelled their careers, expanded their business or launched new ventures. This is LEADER’s second year in Sarajevo and the team could not be more excited to build new partnerships with Restart and program participants.

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