About us

Bosnian-American Friendship Association (BAFA) has established a track record of bringing together the dynamic population linking the US and Bosnia. It’s a membership-based community whose mission is to enhance human and social capital in both countries through the promotion of volunteerism, diversity, and responsibility.

BAFA worked as an informal initiative since 2011 but since 2014 has been a registered association. Over these years BAFA organized 80 networking events which highlighted the contributions of BAFA members and the Bosnian-American community. This base has enabled BAFA to secure a grant and launch the Restart social enterprise.

Plans for 2021

BAFA will continue to focus on supporting and strengthening the Restart.ba social enterprise. This means helping Restart to achieve its income goals and maximize its development contribution.

In addition:

To continue holding regular presentations and social hours in Sarajevo
Support initiatives by Bosnian-Americans, particularly our BAFA members, by distributing information and serving as a legal umbrella
Regular update to members and the public (web/facebook/email list)


Become a Member

In order to do this, we ask you to become a member and paying a small membership fee (30 KM/year, 15 KM/year for students, unemployed, retirees, 100 KM/year for companies). From our first meeting in January 2011 we’ve consistently emphasized that the BAFA we envision is one with a strong group of active members. The biggest reason for becoming a BAFA member is if you believe in our mission and want more American can-do positive energy in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Your financial support will be leveraged to improve our programs in 2021 by:
Demonstrating member commitment when we apply for grants
Allowing BAFA to cover some core expenses: meeting refreshments, accountant & bank fees

Our commitment to members is:

Full financial transparency
Important decisions get made an annual members assembly & virtual participation is possible
Member fees can be paid online, in cash at a BAFA event or by bank transfer within Bosnia to account 1610 0001 6187 0022 (Account holder: Udruženje bosanskohercegovačko-američkog prijateljstva, Address: Merhemića Trg 10, 71000 Sarajevo).

Thanks for your support!