Restart – Social Biz Project


Restart – It’s time to establish your business in Bosnia and Herzegovina

After many years of professional and personal experience, the BAFA and SEEBA founders decided to launch the project Restart which will help companies abroad to establish their businesses or outsource their services to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Bosnian market is aiming to be recognized as a safe zone for investment. We understand that there are companies willing to establish a business, but who do not know the way nor have time to do it.

Now, another entity can register a company on their behalf. The process is not that complicated if led by professionals or experienced personnel. In addition, many successful companies turn to Restart for local know-how, latest tax law and employment updates and all other forms of business consulting services.

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BAFA Events


Networking Events: Connecting Beyond the Workplace

During the year, BAFA networking events are regularly organized to provide an opportunity to the members to intermingle freely and network beyond the workplace. Over these over 5 years BAFA organized 60 networking events which highlighted the contributions of BAFA members and the Bosnian-American community. This base has enabled BAFA to secure a grant and launch the Restart social enterprise.

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