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BAFA is the most prominent organization of the American diaspora and Bosnian-Americans in Bosnia. It’s a membership-based community whose mission is to enhance human and social capital in both countries through the promotion of volunteerism, diversity, and responsibility.

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Restart Project

BAFA is a co-founder of Restart. Restart operates as a business embassy for the diaspora. We handle business requests and facilitate investments coming from the diaspora network and their contacts around the world.

Restart aims to serve entrepreneurs, business-oriented individuals, and municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) needing better international networks, a better information base, as well as consulting regarding direct and indirect investments. Restart reaches out also to all other members of the BiH diaspora who desire to directly take part in the economic and social transformation of their homeland.

The LEADER Project

LEADER empowers promising entrepreneurs in Bosnia and Herzegovina to learn business fundamentals through the following modules: Business Plan Development, Opportunity Recognition, Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy and Tactics, Entrepreneurial Finance (Financial Statements, Cash Flow, Valuation), Operations, Managing People, Communications and Action Planning. Through this approach, LEADER aims to enable high-potential individuals to develop local business solutions that create opportunities for their communities.

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