As a subcontractor on the USAID Diaspora Invest project, BAFA worked on the development of the online business network platform, aimed at connecting entrepreneurs from the diaspora with entrepreneurs and professionals from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The platform has been launched online in November 2017 and has reached so far 471 users. It is necessary to continue to work on strengthening the platform as the main link between the aforementioned target groups through the creation of new content in order to strongly promote investments in BiH. has reached a total number of 471 users, who have established 1098 connections through the portal. Among them, there are 73 professionals, 76 organizations, 96 investment projects, 39 investors, 65 suppliers and 14 clients, as well as an additional eight “other” users.

In the coming year, we will create more specialized content and improve technical aspects of the platform in order to position it to have a stronger impact on all members of the diaspora community.

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